Casino Bonus Online

Casino bonus Casino Bonuses Onlineis available at all online casinos. This allows you to get lots of extra money to play for which you get more chances to win. Some casinos hand out casino bonuses directly upon registration while others give you a bonus the first time you make a deposit. At many online casinos, you can also take advantage of the free spins offer, which means you get a free spin on a selected slot machine.
There are several different types of bonus shapes and which one suits you best, you only know yourself. Something you should always keep in mind regardless of which bonus it takes is that they are linked to certain requirements and conditions. Some casinos have better requirements than others and the requirements may differ quite a bit. Therefore, we at Autumn Casino recommend you to always check the T&Cs associated with the bonus, regardless of whether it is free spins or a regular deposit bonus. Below we summarize the different bonus offers so that you get a clear picture of how these bonuses work before it’s time for you to choose the casino based on the offer.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is a casino bonus that you get the first time you deposit money into the casino. This type of bonus can also be called a deposit bonus. A deposit bonus is usually based on the amount you deposit. You then get a certain percentage of the amount matched, which makes you get a lot more money to play than you did. A regular deposit bonus usually amounts to around 100%, which means you get your deposit amount doubled. When using such a type of bonus, you usually have to convert the bonus amount a couple of times before you can make a withdrawal. All information about sales requirements can be found on the respective casino’s website.
When choosing a bonus, it may be good to both reviews how many percent the bonus is on, but also how much you can get out in total. Some bonuses are an incredible 400%, but they often have a lower limit on how much extra money you can get. Thus, it is preferable to have bonuses that both have high percentages and high levels.
It is increasingly common for new casinos online to offer new players several bonuses. This allows you to be rewarded for up to four deposits. The bonuses tend to look a bit different depending on the layout of the casino. However, among the casinos that are represented at Autumn Casino, there are those who have bonus packages with a total of five bonuses for a total value of 12,000.

Reload Bonuses

A reload bonus is something an online casino can hand out several times. For example, casinos use this type of casino bonus as a reward to loyal players. A reload bonus is also based on your deposit amount but is not as big as a deposit bonus. Usually, for example, you can get up to 50% of your amount in a certain amount. Some casinos systematically share reload bonuses to their customers while others make it more sporadic. You usually get notified of these bonuses via either mail or through information on the game site. But you can also get the bonus as a happy surprise when you log in one day and make your deposit. As a rule, you usually choose whether you want the bonus or not. Some players prefer not to receive bonuses in order to avoid having to think about sales requirements and the like.
In addition, to reload bonuses, there is also “free cash” or “top up bonus”. This phenomenon may reflect the fact that the casino delivers a fixed amount if you deposit a certain amount during the day. For example, you can be offered 100Β£ if you make a deposit of 300Β£ or more. Offers such as these are usually included in so-called casino calendars or you will receive an email about the offer from the casino you are registered with. There are also the casinos that share “free cash” and then you do not have to make any deposit to get the money. In some online casinos, this money is also free of charge, which is of course preferable.

Free spins bonuses

Free spins are another form of casino bonus. Instead of getting a fixed amount in bonus, many online casinos have used this kind of reward. Free spins can be handed out by casinos at registration, deposit, and, for example, on the launch of casino games. Free spins bonus means that you get free rounds on a selected game. You can only use your free rounds on the game mentioned in the offer. However, if you win money, you can use these on any game. Also, there are certain rules and conditions, such as having to pay through the winnings a number of times before you can withdraw your winnings.
But it has also become increasingly common for casinos to give away free spins completely without sales requirements. This to add value to their players. When you get a free-hit free-kick, any winnings count as real money. This instead of bonus money, which is usually the case. When you win money on non-free spins, you have the option to withdraw the money to your bank account directly. In other words, spin like these is preferable.
Since free spins have become such a common phenomenon, the casinos make everything different from the crowd. This by creating more valuable freezes that give you the chance to win significantly more than you go to the competitor. These extra valuable free spins go under names like Big Spins, Super Spins, and Monster Spins. The value of these special free rounds can be up to $ 30 per spin, which gives you really good opportunities to win big. Some of these free spins will also come without sales requirements, which increases the value even more!

No deposit bonus / Free bonus

There are also a few casinos still sharing free bonuses for new players. This phenomenon was much more common before, but when many players abuse these bonuses they have more and more been removed. A no deposit bonus is therefore a casino bonus that you get completely free. You do not, therefore, risk losing your own money. Still, you have the chance to try the casino and all the different games while you have the chance to win. Read more about the 20 free no deposit casino bonuses in our guide.
The sales requirements for these free bonuses usually tend to be quite high because the casino should not lose too much money to hand out the bonuses. The advantage of a free bonus against free spins is that you are not tied to a specific game. Instead, you get the opportunity to try a wide range of slots and table games to finally determine if the casino is something for you or not. An online casino that distributes no deposit bonuses to new players is Mobilbet. At Mobilbet you get 100 to play for free. To get the bonus, you must first verify your email address as well as your phone number. This is done by getting a code sent to your mobile which you then enter in the bonus code field.

Cashback and top-up bonuses

Another slightly different kind of casino bonus is so-called cashback or top-up. The big difference between this type of bonus and a regular casino bonus is that cashback and top up are based on casino activity instead of the sum of what you deposit. Thus, in one way or another, you must be active in the casino in order to receive this reward. If we start with cashback then this is a bonus based on what you’ve lost while playing. If a gaming company offers you 10% cashback over a certain period of time, this means you get 10% back on your losses. A little comfort, therefore, if you had the bad luck in the games you learned during the campaign period. Cashback can be counted as pure money and as bonus money. What is applicable to the particular gaming company you have played at, you can read in the general terms and conditions.
In terms of top-up, one can say that this is the opposite of cashback. Instead, Top-Up is based on rewarding you extra if you have been successful at the casino. During a promotional period where you are offered top-up, you will earn extra money on your winnings. If you are offered a 10% top up, you will get 10% extra based on the total winnings sum during the period when the top-up is offered. Very few online casinos use cashback and top-up in their welcome offers, but there are exceptions as this kind of bonus can be seen in the live casino Codeta.